SaMED Pre-congress Training

Winter Disaster Medical Management

Disaster medicine with Mountain Rescue Service

We warmly welcome you to SaMED’s pre-congress training, Winter Disaster Medical Management. Understanding the value of disaster management, we decided to organize a unique training for medical students to equip them with the skills necessary to handle these situations.

Based on the experiences gathered throughout the years by senior doctors and servicemen of Mountain Rescue Service, we have learned that the management of the medical effects of a disaster is one of the most difficult tasks to be performed by medical personnel. It requires specific knowledge, the ability to plan and organize a health system, adapted to the disaster situation and the professional skill to provide medical care of high quality in an austere environment.

During this training, you will build:


Medical skills



GSS - SaMED Pre-congress Training
GSS2 - SaMED Pre-congress Training

On the 31st of January, the pre-congress training will start. This training is designed to consist of theoretical and practical work. First day would consist of 3 and a half hours of lectures that will give you the basic information about the management of Disaster Medicine. Oral presentation using pictures, videos and other type of visual presentations are intended to deliver core information, facts and principles about the topics.

On the second day, 1st of February, will consist of eight-hour long practical simulation of Disaster Risk Management in the mountain. With the help from the experts from Mountain Rescue Service, participants will be involved in a hypothetical situation that is based on a simplified “real world”. This will give you the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in a safe and realistic setting, develop team working and critical thinking skills, and a systematic approach to problem solving.

It provides you with a number of skills which are important in the pursuance of disaster management:

  • leadership
  • medical skills
  • decision making
  • communication
  • coordination skills
  • stress management
  • working in multidisciplinary teams
  • the use of information technology

The venue for the pre-congress training will be at the Hotel Saraj and Olympic mountain Bjelašnica. 


If you want to participate in the pre-congress training, you can select so in the final step of the registration. The fee will be added to total amount.

Be sure to sign up as soon as possible, the number of participants is limited.

All participants will be contacted in advance for additional information. Please note that the participants who register for the training and don't show up are going to be penalized with a fee of 10€


Early bird

125 EUR


145 EUR


Registration includes

  • Accommodation in Hotel Saraj (31st January, 1st of February)
  • Transport to Bjelašnica
  • Basic Disaster Supply Kit
  • Lunch at Bjelašnica
  • Pre-congress social program
  • Certificate
  • Sarajevo Tour on 2nd of February


16:30 Introduction to training
16:45 Lecture: Review of the injured persons and securing the airway pathway
17:00 Lecture: Management of shock and limb injuries
17:30 Lecture: Management of head injuries
18:00 Coffee break
18:15 Lecture: Management of spine injuries
18:45 Lecture: Management of thorax injuries
19:00 Lecture: Management of abdominal injuries
19:15 Coffee break
19:30 Lecture: Management of injuries induced by cold weather and height. Management of winter sport injuries.
20:00 Lecture: Avalanche
20:15 Lecture: Specificity of rescue in winter terms
21:00 Dinner and social program
6:00 Breakfast
8:15 Transport to Bjelašnica
9:00 Practical simulation in the mountain #1
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Practical simulation in the mountain #2
17:00 Transport back to Hotel Saraj
18:00 Arrival
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Social program
6:00-9:00 Breakfast
10:00-15:00 Tour of Sarajevo

Partner: Mountain Rescue Service

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Bjelašnica and Hotel Saraj