Post-congress tour

Prefer to experience the team-building mountain adventure?

There has never been a better time to get outside and enjoy the best that the mountain has to offer. 

As part of the SaMED’s Post-congress tour, we would like to offer you a wonderful opportunity to extend your stay and discover just why Sarajevo was the host of 14th Winter Olympic Games.

The Post-congress tour will take place at Bjelašnica Olympic Mountain, on 5th of February 2017. At Bjelašnica you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of fun activities, which will be organized throughout the day. It is, for sure, a visit that will reveal a place of extraordinary experience.


Bjelasnica - Post-congress tour


Bjelašnica is a very popular winter resort located only 25 km from Sarajevo. It was named after the whiteness of its stones and snows which reside on its peaks up to August. An extraordinary mutability of weather characterizes the mountain so it is possible to experience all seasons in one day.
Babin Do is the biggest ski center located in the heart of Bjelašnica. Characterized as one of the resorts with the best ski slopes in Europe, it represents the focal point for winter sports. Babin Do counts 8 ski slopes with 7 accompanying ski lifts leading you to the highest peak of mountain Bjelašnica (2067 m).
All-day services for youngsters, families, recreationists and professional athletes are provided at the resort. After an active day you can sit back and enjoy friendly atmosphere in one of the coffee shops and restaurants near the ski arena.

Team-building games

A day in mountain Bjelašnica's stunning environment provides access to an array of activities, experiences and adventures. We’re happy to create a custom program for you that includes team-building exercises and team socializing. For a glance of an amazing experience that awaits you, check the pictures from last year PCT:

PCT - Post-congress tour
PCT - Post-congress tour
PCT - Post-congress tour
PCT - Post-congress tour
PCT - Post-congress tour
PCT - Post-congress tour

Lunch at exquisite mountain restaurant

bje-5.jpg - Post-congress tour

Luxury four star Hotel Bjelašnica will be the place for rest after an exciting day of outdoor activities. For everybody’s culinary pleasures, they offer an international cuisine with the influence of local traditions and modern trends, which will win your sympathy for sure.


If you want to participate in the post-congress tour, you can select so in the final step of the registration. The fee will be added to total amount.

Be sure to sign up as soon as possible! The number of spots is limited..

If you haven't chosen post-congress tour initially during registration, but you changed your mind - send us an email at


Early bird

39 EUR


49 EUR


Registration includes

  • Breakfast at Hotel Saraj
  • Transport to Bjelašnica
  • Outdoor activities
  • Rentable equipment for team-building games
  • Lunch at Hotel Bjelašnica
  • Transport back to Sarajevo

Additional activities

bjelasnica.jpg - Post-congress tour

For those who are more adventurous and enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, this is a place to be. The ski trails are beautiful and wide, flattened and have plenty of length. For the transportation of skiers to the top, two saucers are available, two anchors and one triple seat that travels 12 minutes to the top of the mountain.

Numerous service provide a possibility for renting a full ski or snowboard equipment.

A full day ski pass costs 10 Euros.

Olympic Games

The organization of 14th Winter Olympic Games was entrusted to Sarajevo and took place from 8th to 19th February 1984. The Games were held on the Sarajevo's mountains: Bjelašnica, Jahorina, Igman and Trebević.

1.273 athletes have taken part in the 14th Winter Olympic Games, of which 996 men and 277 women. 14th Winter Olympic Games are considered as one of the most visited and most important events in the history of the City of Sarajevo. Information that proves this statement is that 7.852 media workers were accredited and employed for the purposes of following the event.

Official mascot of the 14th Winter Olympic Games was Vučko.

Sarajevo's Olympics are still one of the dearest events for all citizens of Sarajevo, whether they had an opportunity to witness the event itself or to hear about the Games from their parents. We gladly still cultivate and treasure the same spirit and positive energy.

Vučko - Post-congress tour
Sarajevo olympics opening - Post-congress tour

1984 Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sarajevo