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Hotel_Saraj - The Venue

The Congress will be held at the Hotel Saraj for the third time. Hotel Saraj is located in the Oldtown Sarajevo, just 600 meters away from the main city square - Baščaršija.

Wi-Fi available

Parking available

Located in the Oldtown

Spa & indoor pool available

The hotel has 140 rooms, 6 conference halls which can host from 20 to 600 people, which makes it perfect for our event. Hotel Saraj has recently expanded with a new pavilion, with new rooms that will be open for the congress for the first time.

View - The Venue
View - The Venue
View - The Venue

With more than 50 years of tradition, Hotel Saraj is known as one of the most recognized accommodation facilities in Sarajevo, providing great service and being a great choice for both personal visits and business activities. 

We are sure that staying in Hotel Saraj will fulfill the Congress and compliment your stay in our wonderful city.

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