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Bosnalijek, the greatest manufacturer of drugs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was founded in 1951. The company has a diversified manufacturing program encompassing 170 drugs based on 105 different generic names.

Today, Bosnalijek is the leader in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it markets its products, many of which are recognisable brands already, in the European and Asian markets. Today, Bosnalijek sells its products in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Their business strategy is primarily based on development of a wide and competitive assortment of medicinal products with high market potential and their own human resources. Thanks to that, Bosnalijek is occupying the leading position in the domestic market, and more than half of its total revenue comes from sales in export markets. Such a success is the result of a well-thought strategy and a totality of efforts by Bosnalijek employees directed at developing the company into a world known and acknowledged manufacturer.

Bosnalijek is known for being particularly supportive towards education and has been successfully cooperating with pharmaceutical, medical and faculties of natural sciences by sponsoring the works of young and gifted students, as well as medical and pharmaceutical scientific achievements.

SaMED has been affiliated with Bosnalijek for three years now, and we are sure that our cooperation is a way to continue promoting research and scientific work within medicine and pharmaceuticals in hope of building better treatment strategies for all patients in the region.


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HOŠE Commerce

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Hoše komerc d.o.o. has been established in 1984, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Its main activities are retail and wholesale trade of food and non-food products, production and distribution of the goods. Their concept was established on the basis of wholesalers and retailers working in partnership to the benefit of all, especially the costumers. The cornerstone of this partnership is a commitment to the open exchange of knowledge and information.

Currently, at this company, there are 210 employees. The company gives its employees the opportunity of professional development in the newest trends. Most of them (135) are hired in the retail department while 45 of employees work in the wholesale sector. The manufacturing sector and the department of financial accounting have 15 employees.  

Hoše komerc takes pride in providing their costumers with products of the highest quality at the lowest prices. They work closely with suppliers to make it possible. Also, the company is passionate about domestic sourcing and most of their products are manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hoše komerc does the repurchase of  fruits and vegetables from farmers situated in Herzegovina. These products are sold in their stores. This way, the company wants to highlight the quality of domestic products.