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University of Sarajevo's Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1944 and has been working continuously since 1946. More than 9000 have graduated at Sarajevo University's Faculty of Medicine since, thus acquiring the professional title "Medical Doctor" (MD). Every year, over 1000 students are enrolled in the Faculty.

The graduates of this Faculty possess an exceptionally high quality of knowledge, skills and competences, which have always been the foundation for the functioning and organization of the healthcare system in this region. With their remarkable achievements, the graduates of this Faculty have also mapped out and maintained the currents of medical science and profession in B&H.

The Faculty of Medicine is a Sarajevo Canton public institution of higher education, engaged in teaching, scientific-research and healthcare activities.

System of education, scientific-research and development work is organized through undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies, specialist studies, continuing medical education.

University Clinical Center Sarajevo

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The University Clinical Center Sarajevo (UCCS) is the leading professional, educational, teaching and scientific-research medical institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The objective of the Institution is to provide the best medical care to patients in accordance with the European and global standards, through team work, developing responsibility for the community, respecting the ethical code, strategic resource management, continuous improvement of diagnostic-therapeutic procedures and treatment methodologies by professional and trained staff, which finally contributes to a better level of satisfaction of the crucial interest group of the Center – healthcare beneficiaries.

Canton of Sarajevo

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Canton of Sarajevo recognized the value and the effort put into SaMED, in hope of promoting the city, the University and science in general.

Our partnership with the government institutions is a proof of SaMED's influence and contribution to the development of science in our country. As a youth project, we hope we will keep receiving continous support from the Government.

International Journal of Medical Students

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The International Journal of Medical Students (IJMS) is an online peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal (ISSN 2076-6327), created to share the scientific production and experiences of medical students worldwide. Our objective is to be the primary diffusion organ for medical students, using standards that accredit the process of scientific publication.

IJMS provided us with an opportunity to publish the best papers in the Supplement issue, providing more publicity to young scientists attending and presenting at SaMED.


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