It is our great pleasure to announce to you and invite you to the third International Medical Student Congress – SaMED 2017. The SaMED 2017 – third International Medical Student Congress will be held from 1st to 5th February 2017 in Sarajevo. SaMED 2017 represents the largest student congress in the field of biomedicine in Southeast Europe, and last year’s congress saw students from over 30 countries. This is a unique gathering of science, skills, knowledge and friendship which is continuously being organized by the Association of Students of Faculty of Medicine (ASMF) in partnership with Bosnian and Herzegovinian Medical Students’ Association (BoHeMSA), and under auspices of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sarajevo. This year, according to the expressed interest of the participants, we expect more than 400 participants from all around the world. In addition to our participants, we have the support of our eminent speakers who are certainly the leading experts in their respective fields of scientific interests, who will be joining us from the United States and Europe. Their presence certainly tells us about the significance of SaMED and its role in the field of medical science. Conference topics are of general medical and biomedical character, and range from the basic medical sciences of pre-clinical disciplines, through clinical topics and modern trends in the field of medicine and biomedicine. In that way, the Congress opens a wide range of scientific subjects that will be presented and which will be discussed.

In addition to attending and giving presentations, the congress participants will be able to partake in numerous workshops, which attract a large number of interested parties every year. This year we will have workshops that cover various practical aspects of medicine, which students should be able to master and to know in their practical work as doctors and scientists of tomorrow. The modern trend of the evolution of science realizes that a medical doctor is therewithal a scientist. SaMED 2017 will also bring together the student representatives from all countries in the region, who are the bearers of the future of health systems in the region. As a part of our Congress, they will be engaged in a discussion on the future of medicine and the medical profession in the region, and our active approach in the process of reform and stabilization of health systems. The Organizing Committee hopes that we will establish cooperation with the industry, sponsors and exhibitors in purpose of better organization of SaMED 2017. Our goal is mutual satisfaction through the promotion of knowledge, as the supreme value of the human race, and its implication in the field of biomedical science, in the purpose of better tomorrow for all of us. We hope you will accept our invitation.

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Our Vision

We strive to bring together the biomedical students from the whole world to share their findings and results of their scientific work. By bringing the students from different cultures and backgrounds, we want to promote knowledge, as the supreme value of the human race, and its implication in the field of biomedical science, in the purpose of better tomorrow for all of us.

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