The following thirteen workshops will be organized during SaMED 2021.
Each SaMED participant will get the amazing chance to participate in two different workshops, that offer a unique hands-on experience. The places at our workshops are given on a 'first come - first served' basis: you can apply to your desired workshop in the registration form. Keep in mind that workshops are awarded after payment has been made. In order to receive your Certificate of Participation, you must book one Workshop and you must attend it. Before you make a decision, read carefully all descriptions and recommended study year for each one of them.

Vascular_suturing.jpg - Workshops

Vascular Suturing

In this workshop, you will get familiar with the common indications, instruments used in vascular surgery and additionally learn about sophisticated skills such as performing anastomoses, making an arteriotomy, etc. The workshop is divided into the theoretical and practical part, where we will present to you a few cases and your task will be to solve them with the help of your instructors. You will be shown the predicted procedures and after that, you will be able to master them on the blood vessel grafts.

Pediatric_neurology.jpg - Workshops

Pediatric Neurology

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to understand and apply the basic principles of pediatric neurology. These include learning how to perform a neurological examination of a newborn and how to deal with complications and emergencies that regularly occur in this practice. The workshop will also have a practical part where you will be faced with real-life scenarios.

Pathology_101.jpg - Workshops

Pathology 101

The first step in treating an illness is knowing about one. In this workshop, you will be learning two basic pathological principles: pathohistology and pathological descriptions of organs. In the end, participants will be introduced to a competition and there may be a little surprise.

Anthro.jpg - Workshops

Forensic anthropology and solving criminal cases

In this workshop you will get familiar with differentiating human and animal skeleton, the right position of the bone placement and you can also learn how to determinate the real cause of death in a case that can have many outcomes. Participants will be introduced with a competition in which they will have to figure out the sequence of events that led to the final outcome in a real criminal case.

Treiage.jpg - Workshops

Field triage of injured patients

Triage is the process of determining the priority of patients' treatments based on the severity of their condition.
Besides learning how to exactly determine the priority, the participants of this workshop will also learn how to examine, diagnose and treat patients that are in pain, have restricted movement or reduced function from an Orthopedic or Orthopedic-type condition.

Corneal_suturing.jpg - Workshops

Eye injury management and corneal suturing

Starting from Avicenna, a lot of interest has been invested in a fascinating organ as an eye is: one of the sensory organs which we use to interact with our surroundings through visual stimuli.
Participants of this workshop will get familiar with the procedures, but also learn to perform corneal sutures that are used as a mandatory post-op procedure while removing cataracts.

Cricothyreodotomy.jpg - Workshops

Emergency management of pediatric airway with cricothyroidotomy

The objective of this workshop is to learn a systematic approach to a child with compromised airway, the so-called ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) approach, and to demonstrate basic and advanced skills to manage this situation (airway opening, bag, and mask ventilation, intubation, emergency cricothyroidotomy). The workshop consists of the introductory lecture, interactive portion with demonstration and exercise on CPR training manikin, and training cricothyroidotomy using animal trachea.

Crash_course.jpg - Workshops

Crash Course

First aid refers to the emergency or immediate care you should provide when a person is injured or ill until full medical treatment is available. This workshop includes an introduction lecture, an interactive demonstration of how to treat some basics injuries and illnesses. Also, there will be an improvised scene of the accident, where you should provide first aid to the injured.

Brain_check.jpg - Workshops

Brain Check

This neurology workshop will be divided into two parts. The first part will be covering the basis of a neurological exam on a patient like testing the cranial nerves, peripheral nerves, testing reflexes, and examination of a motor/sensory functions of extremities, Glasgow Coma Scale, etc. The second part will address quick recognition and treatment of the most common neurological pathologies like epileptic seizures, strokes, and pain syndromes.

Ortho_skills.jpg - Workshops

Basic Ortho Skills

Osteosynthesis is defined as the fixation of a bone. It is a surgical procedure to treat bone fractures. The fractured bone is fixed with the aforementioned and can knit stably in the correct position. You will get familiar with the basics of osteosynthesis and orthopedic surgical procedures and will perform amazingly realistic stimulation surgery, practice various open reduction and internal fixation methods.

ABO_typing.jpg - Workshops

ABO Typing

The test to determine your blood group is called ABO typing. Acute intravascular hemolytic reactions due to ABO incompatibility of the donor and recipient are the leading preventable cause of transfusion-related death. Getting to know more about these processes and how to successfully perform an ABO typing will help you as a student to understand the importance of ABO compatibility.