The following ten workshops will be organised during SaMED 2020.
Each SaMED participant will get the amazing chance to take part in a workshops of choice, on Saturday 22nd of February, that will offer a unique hands-on experience. The places at our workshops are given on a 'first come - first served' basis. In order to receive your Certificate of Participation, you must book one workshop and you must attend it. Before you decide, read carefully all descriptions and recommended study years for each one of them.

1 - Workshops

Emergency Management Of Pediatric Airway with  Cricothyroidotomy 

Description: As pediatric patients have significant anatomical and physiological differences compared to adults, advance management of a compromised airway is a fundamental skill for physicians in the emergency departments. Caused by many different medical conditions, foreign bodies or traumas management of airway plays its important role in pediatric patient’s life. The workshop consists of the introduction lecture, interactive portion with demonstration and exercise on CPR training manikin and training cricothyroidotomy using animal trachea. In the end every participant will demonstrate basic and advanced skills used in this situation (airway opening, bag and mask ventilation, intubation, emergency cricothyroidotomy).

Target Audience: The workshop is available to all students;   Available Places: 15-20

2 - Workshops

Vascular Suturing

Description: This workshop will present the key principles behind vascular surgery. You will become familiar with the special instruments used in vascular surgery, study the main indications for vascular surgery, and learn how to perform vascular anastomoses, make an arteriotomy, arteriorrhaphy and angioplasty. The workshop will be divided into a theoretical and a practical part – during the latter you will repeat the procedures shown by an instructor on the blood vessel grafts, until you master them.

Target Audience: The workshop is available for students starting from the 3rd year.

Available Places: 20

3 - Workshops

Abscess Drainage with Surgical Suturing of the Incision

Description: Incision and drainage of skin abscess is very important procedural skill for physicians therefore this training will give opportunity to participants to learn and gain confidence with this invasive procedure by using simulation. Workshop will provide a surprisingly realistic model including chicken legs stuffed with abscess-like material that helps teach the motor skills and steps necessary to properly incise, drain and dress an abscess. After the abscess drainage participants will be able to learn various ways of closing an incision, practice in wound caring and stitching.

Target Audience: The workshop is available for students starting from the 3rd year.

Available Places: 30

Untitled design (5).png - Workshops

Forensic Anthropology and Solving Criminal Cases

Description:  In the first part you will get familiar with differentiating human and animal skeleton, right position of the bone placement, gender and age. Second part will teach students how to determinate real cause of death in a case that can have many different outcomes. In the end, participants will be introduced with a competition in which they will have to figure out the sequence of events that led to the final outcome in a real criminal case.

Target Audience: The workshop is available to all students.

Available Places: 20

4 - Workshops

Eye Dissection and Corneal Sutures

Description: Starting from Avicenna, lot of research and interest has been invested in a fascinating organ as an eye is. Participants of the workshop will get familiar with all procedures and are going to perform corneal sutures that are frequently used as a mandatory post-op procedure while removing cataracts.

Target Audience: The workshop is available for students starting from the 3rd year.

Available Places: 15

Untitled design (4).png - Workshops

Everybody Lies

Description: Everyone has experienced patients showing up in the ambulance faking or simulating a disease either to get benefits (money, absence from work, prolong their vacation etc.) or as a part of a more serious psychiatric condition (Munchausen Syndrome, health obsessing, various factitious disorders and malingering). Even parents come simulating a disease in their children like starving them to comas to get some money out of it. This workshop will train the participants and equip them with practical set of skills on recognizing, diagnosing or refuting the simulated diagnosis by the combination of simulated cases.

Target Audience: The workshop is available for students starting from the 3rd year.

Available Places: 15

Untitled design (6).png - Workshops

VR Simulation of Invasive Medical Procedures

Description: Virtual reality simulation is the use of 3D objects and environments to create immersive and engaging learning experiences. The learning and practice of minimally invasive procedures makes unique demands on medical training programs. In this workshop participants will be able to use VR glasses in order to watch, learn and easily overcome invasive medical procedures (such as ERCP, colonoscopy and heart catheterization).

Target Audience: The workshop is available to all students.

Available Places: 20

Untitled design (7).png - Workshops

Being a Pathologist

Description: Have you ever dreamed of measuring, sharpening and making pathological microscopic slides all by yourself? In this workshop, the participants will not only have a opportunity to see and feel the pleasure in making the microscopic slides from some pathological models from our forensic medicine, but will also get the chance to visit our macroscopic pathology museum with over 500 interesting pathological models who display diseased human tissue at the macroscopic level.

Target Audience: The workshop is available for students starting from the 3rd year.

Available Places: 15 – 20

Untitled design (9).png - Workshops

Bone Marrow Biopsy and ABO Typing

Description: Bone marrow biopsy, which removes a small amount of bone marrow tissue, as a test can help diagnose and monitor various bone marrow disorders, blood disorders, and certain types of cancer. Recipients of red cell transfusions may have (or may form) antibodies to donor red cells and such serological incompatibility can lead to a death. . In fact, acute intravascular hemolytic reactions due to ABO incompatibility of the donor and recipient are the leading preventable cause of transfusion-related death. Getting to know more about these processes and successfully perform a simulated bone marrow biopsy procedure will help you as a student to confidently treat your patients.

Target Audience: The workshop is available to all students.

Available Places: 15

Untitled design (8).png - Workshops

Emergency Medicine (BLS, ALS, Ortho Skills)

Description: The workshop consists of a two parts and will last for two days. The first parts includes the basics of basic (BLS) and advanced (ALS) life support, as their importance is invaluable. If we start young, chances are that by the time we need it; we will already have enough practice not to be shy or passive about taking action in intubation, cardiac reanimation or IV therapy.  The second part is dedicated for triage of injured patients, where students will be able to learn how to determine the priority of patients needs based on the severity of their injuries, and for ortho skills, in which will students learn to differentiate examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients who have pain, restricted movement or reduced function from an Orthopedic or Orthopedic-type condition.

Target Audience: The workshop is available to all students.

Available Places: 32