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Our Story

SaMED is a creation of a union of enthusiastic, empowered and hard-working young people who are ready to change the medical future, but also brave enough to start from their community. Even though the story of SaMED has started as a dream of Bosnian and Herzegovinian medical students, this international event has shown that a vast number of young researchers around the globe can gather in one place and invest their best resources to create a trace that will lead the Love of Humanity.   

Due to our well-known tradition of keeping high standards and due to our regular contributions to expanding the large international medical network, it is our greatest pleasure to invite you to SaMED 2022!  

SaMED 2022 is coming again with its 7th edition and represents an official collaboration of three distinguished medical students’ associations – Association of Students of the Medical Faculty in Sarajevo (ASMF Sarajevo), Bosnian and Herzegovinian Medical Students’ Association (BoHeMSA) and International Student Surgical Network  (InciSioN BiH).  SaMED 2022 will be held in Sarajevo from 22nd to 25th September. We would like to take you through our magical inspirational environment, which is specially designed to awaken your scientific strengths, empower your influence and bring amazing people to your path.  Enthralling theme events, modern and outstanding workshops, memorable social programs – all included! We hope to see you in our city in September 2022!

Organizing Committee

Faruk Osmankadić


Faruk Rožajac

Social events coordinator

Amina Aljić

Hosting team coordinator

Ema Smajlović


Adela Tatlić

Workshop team coordinator

Adem Nuhović

Events team coordinator

Edin Maslo

Sponsorship team coordinator

Hajrudin Pašalić


Ema Bećirović

PR team coordinator

Izeta Hamza

Scientific team coordinator


The Association of Students of the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo (ASMF) began in 2000 as a single representative body of all students at the Faculty of Medicine. Over the past several years, ASMF has proven to be a crucial factor in the preservation and protection of students’ rights and interests at the faculty. ASFM is non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental and is a full member of the Student Parliament of the University of Sarajevo, where students of our faculty have traditionally governed the health disciplines.

ASFM continues to foster a high level of democracy so that today ASFM consists of an equal number of delegates from each academic year, who make all decisions concerning the association.